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A Headstrong & Heartfelt Life

For many years I was stuck in my head. Overthinking, over controlling and over compensating for my lack of confidence. Today, I have learned to find an equilibrium between my head and my heart. If you are interested in learning how to create some life balance, equilibrium and grow your business too, reach out and lets talk.


Greg Dickson is a serial entrepreneur, author and business coach who has worked with more than 500 entrepreneurs in more than 35 industries. Greg is the author of two business books and a new ebook series Headstrong and Heartfelt. He works as a life and business reboot artist in Red Deer, AB. Greg’s mission is to create a caring, compassionate world through self awareness, quality questions and congruent action.

Greg works as an interpreter who speaks fluent business, strategy and finance. He comes alongside you and together tackle your unique roadblocks, conflicts, priorities. Greg shares his street savvy experience having served more than 500 clients and training more than 10,000. You will discover hidden knowledge, gain insights, identify new new opportunities, develop strategies and actionable tactics.

Clients report feeling more confident, congruent and productive. Greg sits between yourself as business owner, you accountant, lawyer, staff, and customers. Greg’s coaching style is a unique blend of interpreter, confidant, therapist, coach, guide, strategic planner, wellness and life coach, transitions counsellor, problem-solver, business planner, communications and marketing mentor, technology geek, sage and author.




What if there is only one thing to master in life? What inner thing would you choose? I would choose to “enjoy” myself in every moment. Then no matter where I am or what is happening I can enjoy the moment. Because all it takes is making a conscious choice, to look for what I …


Greg can be reached directly at 1-403-307-8281. You can find him on Twitter at gregbd and Facebook, Bumpers where you can listen and interact with Greg.