The Self First Perspective

How to put your “self first” without being selfish.

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Eliminate excuses, refuse to settle for the easy out of excuses!

I’ve been thinking about this… “If no one told me whom was, who would I be?” Wayne Dyer, Excuses be gone! In his book, Wayne Dyer makes a compelling argument for eliminating excuses. You know the reasons we tell ourselves why we can’t do what we want. The explanations that we use to rationalize and…

When Less Is More

There is no perfect iPhone app, productivity tool or to do list software. There is no perfect list. Before we push our attention, we need to first set our “intention” before taking action.

Who am I? Being open to being open

Who am I? Am I the sum total of all my thoughts, feelings, desires, results and actions taken? Perhaps its time to take a peek, to seek to connect with the pure essence, the One Presence that lies within. The One who observes me observing me. The One Presence that loves me. Where is this…

Where is love?

Where is love? I look for it, yet I do not see it. I seek, yet I do not find what I seek. I look to see, who will love me? I never thought I should look within. Love lives within? Is it hidden from my eyes? It lies not outside? Where then is love?…

When we stop the self sabotage, Self Scaring becomes Self Caring

How do we begin to practice self care? Just for today, stop the self sabotage. When I think of self care and self sabotage I think of the famous line from the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” … but with a bit of a twist….

Grateful to be launching The Gentle Art of Self Care and Self Healing

How can we match the energy of that which we desire and want?

I was asked a question this morning, “Do you trust the universe?” This really caused me to think. I wanted to answer, Yes I do. The truth was I do trust the Universe, I am just not sure about trusting Universe with my role and place in it. I am reminded of Albert Einstein quote……

Could I open myself to see the beauty in my own imperfection?

Just for today I’ll practice compassion and seek to see the beauty in imperfection. Wabi sabi is a Japanese esthetic that seeks to see and accept the beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. To observe the natural simplicity, economy, and austerity in the natural objects and nature. Seek to look beyond the imperfection and…

Is Gentleness a life skill?

Gentleness, its what I need more of in my life. Its what the world needs too. What might the world be like if everyone was just a tiny bit more gentle with themselves and others? Say just 10% of the time? Could it reshape the world as we know it? What would happen if we…

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