What is social media?

What makes social media, social is the conversation, the dialogue. Yet, these days true open dialogue seems hard to come by. This is a trend I have been watching for the last 16 months. Seems, there are people who when they find out you do not agree with them, immediately seem to become ultra critical. Debate, dialogue and conversation exploring difficult topics online in social media circles, seems few and far between, Disagreement seems like bait and people take the bait, whether it was intentional or not, all the time. It is like it is an invitation or a taunting for a verbal fight.

Confrontation seems to the order of the day.


I have noticed this behaviour increasingly escalate into neo hate speech. Which is the reason I took a break from social media. Plus I don’t need to see negative commentary, witness people feign concern and express quasi sentimental posts, repeated in my news feed 40-50 times. If you are going to post something at least put some real thought into your post. The  Use your words, express yourself and most important build and expand the conversation.

Please, do that and we all win.

Do that and I will gladly participate and play within a wide ranging conversation.

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