Do I deserve to enjoy life?

The answer is Yes! We all do… But wait, I have to stay focused and keep working. Got to stay productive. Or so I think.

Where did I adopt this attitude of being “productive”? Hmmm…

Yet, somehow we feel guilty with the idea that enjoying ourselves is not a good thing. It seems like is not an acceptable thing to enjoy life. We are supposed to work hard, push through obstacles and at all costs become “successful.”

What does it even mean to be successful these days? The whole notion of success is something I bought into in my early years. I desperately wanted to be recognized and respected by otters. Yet, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

What is wrong with this picture?

Externalized approval might make you popular. At the end of the day you still have to live with yourself. You still have to look yourself in the mirror.

Our society is plagued with droves of people pleasing, approval seeking individuals desperately seeking acceptance. This performance based acceptance is a plague thrust upon unsuspecting students of life. It has become so normalized and accepted behaviour it has infiltrated business, marketing and popular culture.

It seems this is the new normal —- to try be popular on every social network imaginable. Insanity I say.

We just end up repeating socially acceptable, buzzwords — we are human repeaters — without actually examining if these ideas and concepts we are reposting, repeating are appropriate and even valuable.

You could say the same thing about this post, but this is my personal blog, so if I ramble, so what.

Seems we might gain some benefit by embracing intellectually honesty, self-efficacy and congruency in our lives.

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