Morning creativity

Morning. It’s when my brain lights up. It used to be the most productive time of day.

I’ve always told my clients “To have a great year. Have a great month. Great month, have a great week. Great week, have a great morning. Great morning, have a great start to your day.”

Now that I have a working business partner, my wife Amee, things have changed. We work on everything together as a team. It’s great.

These days I make notes in a collaborative work space, OneNote and my creative muse isn’t wasted and Amee can look at it when it works for her.

That said, it’s more important we stay in sync and work together than I satisfy my creative thirst.

Creativity Is State of Flow

Creativity is not like a water tap. It just doesn’t flow because you decide the open the tap. Like water, there had to be some pressure in the line or no water. The same is true of creativity. There needs to be some creative tension (read pressure) so when you open up the tap it flows.

We enjoy our nothing coffee and do our best to leave business or of the first part of the morning. Maybe we need to have a morning “coffee” routine before we begin our workday? Hmm…

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