Could the mind be a battery? 

Could the mind be a storage receptacle of energy? Awaiting the connection of neural pathways, nerves and thoughts to make the connection? 

Metaphysically this would mean that the power comes from the act of making a connection to a memory. Or a memory becomes “charged” with a certain quality of energy which gives the memory the power to influence us. 

If so, then we need to be careful of what we hook up with and connect to. 

In the dark by the sea

In the dark there is a quiet desperation
A resignation
Not of what is but what might be
For there and the depth of the night
It lies just out of sight

That thing, that desire, that wish that might be
For it is the thing I wish to see
That side of me
That part of me that might be
If I could just see

That greater sense who I might become
One greater than I had imagined
What first appeared out of my reach
Actually appeared upon the beach
And here I stand about to breach
The dream I dared to extend my reach

I must, I trust to find myself
Capable, stable and able to see
That part of me I found by the sea