29.  When hiring staff, I look for…
29.  When hiring staff, I look for…

29. When hiring staff, I look for…

-People with initiative, who can think on their feet. -People that can get along with the existing team. -Individuals with a solid education and a successful track record. -Someone that fits the job description. -A principled person with high personal standards and expectations. -Someone who hate to lose and is highly competitive. -An employee that demonstrates the creativity and tenacity to take on difficult assignments. -A person with a strong work ethic over intelligence and experience. -Staff members who can offset my weaknesses.
Simply filling a position because it is empty is not the right thing to do if it is the right person in the wrong seat. It will only create frustration for you and other staff. In a case like this you are better off waiting for a person who fits the job. If you run across someone with great skills and potential, you can always create a position for them, because they will make you money.
Each of the above answers if you put them together would be describing the ideal employee. Well that person does not exist. You might get three or four of those criteria when hiring someone, and as they grow in the job, you may witness these qualities coming forward. But do not expect that you can find the perfect employees. Sometimes all you need is someone with 80 percent of what you are looking for and you just learn to live without the other 20 percent; then when you do witness those qualities the is a bonus.
You need the staff on your side to make a successful transition, and after buying the business you will need their help. In fact, employees may be better sources of information than the seller. Spend every moment the business is open with employees. Be kind and patient with them. They may be nervous even though the owner has given them permission to speak to you, or he may have given the other instructions as well. With the seller’s permission, buy lunch for the once or twice during the process a a way to thank them for their cooperation. It will also be a good chance to get to know the better.
As you get to know the employee and the seller you will come to conclusions about each person, and they will be anxious to hear of your plans or to know how it is going. Tell them it is too early to tell. Take time to make good notes about each person and their comments.
Before you make decisions about their untrue roles, make a list of skills, abilities, and character traits you are looking for. Trust your instincts. You will likely never have the fresh perspective and insight as an outsider ever again. The value of this perspective is priceless. No adviser can replace your insight, observations, and opinions of the staff you have met and hopefully built relationships with.
Yes, you need people with initiative, who can get along with others and have a strong work ethic, but what other qualities are you looking for? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Make a list of what you are looking for and where you think gaps may exist that you will want to fill.