6.  What answer best describes how you feel about being in business?
6.  What answer best describes how you feel about being in business?

6. What answer best describes how you feel about being in business?

-I enjoy achieving my goals. A business will give me an opportunity to be rewarded for my ideas. -Business is an evolutionary process. I enjoy witnessing that change and growth. -I love people and enjoy building relationships. For me, it is all about people.
How you answer this question will reveal a bit about your personality strengths and weaknesses. We all have them, weaknesses and strengths. Being consciously aware of them is the first step to managing them. For example, any strength taken to the extreme can become a weakness. Weaknesses come in all shapes and flavours. For our purpose I am concentrating on the most important traits. Any one trait can be a strength or weakness depending on your personality. If you answered “enjoy achieving my goals,” you are a goal-oriented person, confident of your abilities, and have a strong success record. You make decisions quickly and prefer the “big picture” and are likely visual. Your personal appearance is very important and above average. You love to be the centre of attention and have a unique ability to get things done. Once you commit to a goal you are extremely focused and keep working and adjusting until you achieve it. Your weakness is in the details. You will want to make sure that someone is looking after the details for you.
If you answered “business is an evolutionary process,” you consider yourself analytical. You must be organized to be productive. For you being disorganized translates into confusion and when you are confused you are not very productive. You can also find yourself digging for “more information” when making major decisions. You see yourself as smart, savvy, and a good problem solver: Your greatest weakness is that you likely think you can solve anything with time and the right information. While that is true, excessive experimentation based upon your observations and analysis can be an expensive trap. Inexperienced managers with strong analytical skills get trapped in excessive experimentation that studies have shown is at the core of many business bankruptcies. Be cautious and beware of analysis paralysis.
If you answered "it is all about people," you are a friendly and likeable person. You are a great promoter and salesperson. You can get along with just about anybody and in some ways are a party waiting to happen. People trust you and you have learned how to make that work for you. Details are your weakness. You dislike getting caught up in details, things like writing reports, reading, and staying organized. Bookkeeping would be something you would either want to outsource or have one of your staff handle.
It takes all three of these personalities to run a business. We need someone who is good with people and a natural promoter; we need all details looked after; and we need someone who is in control. You will want to hire staff members to offset your weaknesses and support your efforts.