Canada Start up Visa
Canada Start up Visa

Canada Start up Visa

Canadian growth, opportunities and business ideas

If you’ve been thinking of moving to Canada and buying, starting or opening a business, we have good news.

There is an innovative Canadian Immigration program, that will not only help you open and operate a profitable, innovative Canadian business, it will also help you gain permanent residency for yourself and your family.
We work with a few select entrepreneurs each month to help them leverage the Canada SUV program and enjoy the Canadian lifestyle and business opportunities.
The Canada Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program is one of the fastest ways to get your business up and running in Canada and set yourself and your family up for a great life in the “Best Country in the World”!
Canada Took 1st Place In The 2021 Best Countries Report By US News & World Report. The report measures and ranks the global performance of each country based on a variety of metrics – Adventure, Agility, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Open-for-Business, Social Purpose & Quality of Life.
Canada received high marks in the Agility, Entrepreneurship & Open-for-Business categories. Canada is a great country from which to compete on the world stage, while building a great life for you and your family.

How We Help You Navigate The Canada Start-Up Visa Program

We create innovative business plans and pitch decks which meet the stringent requirements of the Government of Canada. We work closely with the government’s pre-approved Canada Start-Up Visa Partners (Incubators, VC’s, Angel Investors) aka Designated Organizations.
We work closely with you using our Rapid Business Planning & Development program that is designed to tell your business start-up story and demonstrate how you as an entrepreneur will satisfy the three primary criteria of the Canada Start-Up Visa Program. Specifically, you will need to demonstrate that your business:
1. Is innovative.
2. Will create jobs for Canadians.
3. Can compete on the world stage.
We research, strategize and consult on your business concept/idea until we are able to uncover an innovation that meets or exceeds the requirements of the Canada Start-Up Visa Program.
When successful, you will obtain a Letter of Support from one of Canada’s Designated Organizations which you can use to immediately submit your application of Permanent Residency to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We are proud of our 100% success rate.
The Canadian Government created this SUV program to encourage the immigration of entrepreneurs and to bring innovation and employment to our country.

We Offer A Done-For-Your Service

Our services include:
  • An Innovative Business Proposal
  • A Pitch Deck, Business Strategy
  • 3 Year Pro Forma Financial Projections
  • Incubator Representation
  • Angel Investor & VC Introduction
  • Immigration Consultant Service Referral
If you would like to learn if you & your business would meet the criteria for the Canada SUV Program - I’d be happy to set up an “Ask Me Anything” Zoom Meeting, use the form at the bottom of the page to arrange a Meet and Greet. Or read on to learn more about Canada and our enrolment, onboarding process.
We Are Fast, Affordable, Upfront & Honest
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What Our Startup Visa Service Looks Like

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Step 1 Meet and Greet

The purpose of this first meeting is to learn more about your situation, desires, dreams and business ideas. In addition, we will provide you with an overview of our services and how we are able to enjoy a 100% success rate in the Canada Start-Up (SUV) Visa Program, which is a crucial link to gaining Permanent Residency in Canada for international entrepreneurs.
Should you choose to move forward we will prepare a Scope of Work Assessment and determine applicable project fees for your unique situation.

Step 2: Canada Start-Up Visa - Innovation Engineering & Opportunity Assessment

This is where we take an in-depth look at your résumé/CV and create a Strengths, Skills an Experience profile. We use this information to research specific Canadian innovation opportunities for you. We typically present our clients with multiple, specific business concepts which fit their Strengths, Skills an Experience profile. Clients receive an Executive Summary of specific market and business innovation opportunities.

Step 3: Comprehensive Research and Opportunity Validation

At this point in the process we do a deep dive into the environmental, market and other factors which could impact and/or provide an advantage on business growth and profitability. This includes industry, competition and market analysis. A key aspect of this phase of our services includes business process engineering. We will also prepare detailed 3 year Pro Forma costs, revenues and marketing investments. The last part of this due diligence is researching trademark and potential patent conflicts. This is when we often discover untapped patent opportunities.

Step 4: Business Planning and Slide Deck Preparation

Having now qualified and quantified a focused business concept, we now build your business plan and slide deck. This includes business model design, a business system diagram, three-year pro forma financial statements as well as the incubator slide deck. We will also provide strategic insight into the logic and justification for a temporary work permit. This is so you can begin work on your business in Canada as soon as possible.

Step 5: Submission of Slide Deck/Business Plan To Designated Organization

With your approval, we submit your innovation slide deck to the incubator.
Once the incubator accepts you into their program we provide support to ease your transition into the incubator. We also work closely with the incubator to make sure that your Letter of Support (LOS) provides clear and obvious justification for your temporary work permit in advance of receiving Permanent Residency (PR).
Once you receive the Letter of Support, you may immediately apply for a Work Visa and your Permanent Residency. The Work Visa is typically processed within 2-3 months, contingent upon the processing time of the IRCC and Permanent Residency via the Canada Start-Up Visa Program is usually 12-16 months.

The Lighthouse Self Study Learning Library

Tips & Tricks for Building Resilient Businesses and Entrepreneurs

You will find 69+ pages of actionable business ideas and strategies that will help you figure out what to do, when. This is your invitation to embrace the process of rebuilding, reorganizing our restructuring your business in a way that is enjoyable, exciting and playful.
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Stop, Look & Listen Links

Step 0: Self Reflection Questions

Below you will find a link to “Uncovering the Right Stuff Questionnaire” which is an excerpt from my 384 page Business Planning book (Amazon Kindle purchase link).
It’s 30 questions/answers that will help you get to know yourself and give you some hints of areas you can choose to work on as an entrepreneur. Click the link below to access it.
Uncovering the “Right Stuff” Questionnaire
Uncovering the “Right Stuff” Questionnaire

Step 1: Perspective

The answer to confusion and overwhelm is always to seek clarity. To get clarity you will need perspective.
How To Gain a Fresh Perspective

Step 2: Your Learning Curve

You cannot spend your way way out of a learning problem, you have to learn your way out.
How To Learn Your Way Out Of Business Problems
How Rethink (Reflect & Ponder) Your Business (8 Resources)
How To Reinvent Your Business (19 Resources)
16 Learning Tips, Tricks & Solutions
16 Learning Tips, Tricks & Solutions

Building Resilience Links

Step 3

Feel free to browse the links below and jump ahead to the section where you feel drawn or need to do work.
Reorganize Action Plan (11 Resources)
Regroup Action Plan (5 Resources)
Regroup Action Plan (5 Resources)
Rebuild Your Business Action Plan (7 Resources)
Rebuild Your Business Action Plan (7 Resources)
Retrain, Promote, Retain Action Plan (5 Resources)
Retrain, Promote, Retain Action Plan (5 Resources)
Rewarding Employees Action Plan (5 Resources)
Rewarding Employees Action Plan (5 Resources)

About Business Coaching

Check out these links about business coaching:
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NOTE: at the bottom of some this page and a few others, you’ll find a “Ask Me Anything” form. It is an open invitation to reach out, ask a question and I’ll do my best to answer your query in a timely manner.