Rethinking Your Business

Rethinking Your Business

Look for a pattern that makes sense

Your business must always be in sync with your customers needs, wants, emotions and perceptions. The moment you are out of sync you run the risk of losing revenue and burning a costumer relationship.
This will likely require that you spend more time on the front lines. Serving and speaking with customers. This is where you will be able to observe subtle or dramatic shifts in consumer behaviour. These observations could be the catalyst that will lead you to distinctions and insights to use to adapt your business offerings to your customers needs.
This will require that you learn to stay in the learning curve.

Stay In The Learning Curve

Lessons and learning opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. Often, the most important lessons are shrouded in our biases and assumptions. To unmask these insights will require you to develop self awareness into your own frame of reference. Remember,
How To Learn Your Way Out Of Business Problems

Correlation vs. Causation

Be careful, correlation of an observation cannot always be assumed to equate to causation.

The Pandemic Has Solidified Our Most Base Survival Instincts

This may not come as a surprise but in times of great economic, social and cultural upheaval humans revert to primitive, understandably natural instincts for survival.

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