The Learning Curve Paradox

The Learning Curve Paradox

When you’ve decided failure is not final. This is the beginning of your learning curve journey.
Things are not always as they appear. They are most often how we “expect” them to be.
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Typically things appear to us as we expect them to be. This means the way we “see” is through the filter of our minds eye. Therefore, depending on our beliefs, expectations and assumptions if you are not mindful you could very well not see something that does not fit your point-of-view.

Recognizing Failure is Where Learning Begins

Failure is never final. The paradox of business success is learning to walk over the threshold of failure. That’s right, failure may have just cracked open a doorway to your success. Yet, only if you have the drive, will and courage to step into and stay in the learning curve.

Take What the World Gives You and Improvise

Being willing to see what is actually going on (to see reality) is to recognize that something isn't working. This is the precursor to learning.

Learning is a Journey Not a Destination

Learning doesn’t end when you graduate, get a diploma or achieve a goal. Learning is a never ending process of observing, and then contemplating how to change and learn.
Look at the image below. If change was on the left and learning was on the right. Change would be very difficult because you need incredible energy and effort to make change despite your willingness to learn is very dominant.
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The Role of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to cultivate a heightened awareness. Which allows you to fully engage with your surroundings and respond effectively to new information and situations.
The Importance of Context and Empathy in Making Business Decisions
The Importance of Context and Empathy in Making Business Decisions