When a compulsive  focus hurts you more than helps you

When a compulsive focus hurts you more than helps you

When you become so focussed on what you’re trying to achieve you develop a “blindness to change” … and then you end up missing an opportunity or not seen Hll the market or your customers needs have changed.
We have to develop big picture awareness
Beware of a type of bias that creates a blindness to change the inability to see the changes which have actually occurred

We live in a biased world.

We filter our daily experiences i.e. our own sense of reality, through the lens of our own perspective aka biases.
The more attached we are to our own sense of reality — the greater the risk. We can end up so fixated upon the way we believe “things are supposed to be” that we fail to notice that our biases no longer are in alignment to the reality of the “way things are” — now.
Bias is like travelling a familiar road and you fail to notice the speed limit has changed or that the road takes a turn in the wrong direction.
I like to think of it this way. There’s the way I think things should be and then there is there was things actually are. Where these two roads are even slightly diverging we can end up unable to see that things have changed.