Greg Dickson
Greg Dickson

Greg Dickson

Greg Dickson is a startup, expansion and crisis business coach with extensive experience in business plans and business model design. He has worked with entrepreneurs in 38 industries across 4 continents.
Review of Tips and Traps for Writing An Effective Business Plan: “I found this to be a very detailed but practical coverage of the subject. The work starts from the beginning of any consideration of writing a business plan. All through it there are disclosures and understandings of the particular stage of the construction of the plan you are working on. Finally the author explains how to use the completed product to raise money for the business. A well written and complete text”
He has a proven track record in restructuring and reorganizing businesses to improve cash flow.
Additionally, he has sold 3 business and closed 3 businesses. His three-decade track record as a business coach and entrepreneur provides significant insight and cross industry experience highlight.

Business Coaching Experience

Coaching and Mentoring Clients: Supported clients for three decades to develop and implement strategic business plans. Mentored and empowered entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and form strategic partnerships. Passionate belief in client engagement and accountability. Designed, enrolled facilitated over 400 seminars/events.
Sales and Business Development: Coached more than 500 business owners and entrepreneurs in 38 industries on 4 continents. Design and implement customer acquisition, customer service experience blueprints often using hybrid business models to increase profit centres and revenue growth. Evaluate business growth, promotional strategies, and prepare effective sales presentations to consistently discern market demands and drive product development.
Market Research and Communication Skills: Conduct extensive qualitative research studies to better understand customer needs, wants, and attitudes. Then use these insights to precisely target market segments, product enhancements and drive revenue growth. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are demonstrated in every interaction.
Business Financial Planning: Author of Tips and Traps for Writing An Effective Business Plan. Strong understanding of Pro-Forma financial statements, cash flow management and creator of the Elastic Business Cash Flow management system.
Marketing and Outreach Efforts: Tailor marketing and outreach strategies across platforms including branding, sales and marketing training systems.
Professional Skills and Personal Traits: Leading clients confidently through the customer decision-making process using strategic tools, I demonstrate an ability to independently prioritize tasks. Strong entrepreneurial spirit, working independently toward milestones and being creative to thrive in rapidly changing environments.
Continuous Learning & Up-skilling: Creator of the Learning Curve Acceleration Coaching technique. Continuous learning, up-skilling, and preparation with every coaching session. Proven brainstorming and mastermind facilitator, designed and trained Conversational Leadership for effortless and effective sales conversions.

Career Highlights

1993 - Present
  • Implemented customer programs to boost loyalty and repeat purchases using journey maps and personas in a team effort.
  • Coached and assisted entrepreneurs in forming strategic partnerships to improve services, diversify income, and expand their customer base.
  • Conducted customer studies to tailor marketing, outreach, and engagement across platforms like content creation, social media, email, and community interaction.
  • Leveraged customer persona insights to identify market segments and convert potential buyers into customers by understanding their challenges and psychological triggers.
  • Achieved 2X-5X revenue growth and added profit centres by developing hybrid business models, based on market trends and customer feedback, to improve strategies and user experience.
  • Proficient in monitoring and adjusting growth and promotional strategies based on data analysis.
  • Proven track record developing sales and marketing materials, using experience from working with entrepreneurs across 38 industries and four continents.
  • Greg aided entrepreneurs in immigrating to Canada and setting up businesses under the Start-Up Visa program. He ensured their businesses were innovative, job-creating, and globally competitive. He also facilitated obtaining a Letter of Support for immediate Permanent Residency application.
  • Greg is adept in identifying market trends and driving product development. He established three successful businesses, adapting to market needs. His strong communication and conflict resolution skills inform product enhancements. As an author of a leadership training framework, he provides strategic growth guidance.


  • Strong understanding of the Customer Decision making process, tools and strategies.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks.
  • Familiarity with the Canadian job market.

Personal Traits

  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a self-starter attitude.
  • Creative thinker comfortable in a rapidly changing environment.


2017 2006 2004
1.   Clients On Demand, Russ Ruffino 2.   DISC Certified Behaviours Trainer 3.   Professional Business Coach Certification,  founding member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance, 2004
2001 1998 1988 1988
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